Pakastamo Helsinki

Meijeritie 5 D, 00370 Helsinki

Briefly about the facility

Pakastamo Oy Helsinki facility is located in Helsinki Pitäjänmäki beside the Vihti road. Therefore called Pakastamo Pitäjänmäki. This is the Administrative center for Pakastamo in other words the headquarters.

The warehouse in Helsinki was established in 1958 and has been in use as anindustrial raw material storage and a distribution center for the area of Helsinki.

Pakastamo Oy Helsinki:

- Facility ID: FI 1823 EY
- Building area: 5 000 m2
- Loading platforms: 7
- Personnel: 3


Managing Director

Nimi: Sami Rissanen
Phone: 050 398 7418
e-mail: sami.rissanen (at)
Reachable: 08-16

Quality Manager

Name: Satu Lappi
Occupational safety and authority matters
Phone: 050 384 2926
e-mail: satu.lappi (at)
Reachable: 08-16


Name: Marita Laasonen
Phone: 050 384 0697
e-mail: marita.laasonen (at)
Reachable: 08-16

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