Pakastamo Tuusula

Pakkasraitti 1, 04360 Tuusula

Briefly about the facility

Pakastamo Oy Tuusula facility is located in Tuusula Jussla industrial area, about 5 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Therefore called Pakastamo Jussla.

The Warehouse in Tuusula was established in February 2001 and is the main frozen stock for Valio. In Jussla we store and pick products for HKScan, Valio and Valio’s partners, for example different companies icecream and bakery products.

Many companies frozen goods are also brought directly to the warehouse and then combined to Valio's distribution network.

On a daily basis, Jussla receives about 500 pallets and delivers depending on the season 7500 - 20 000 order rows per week to about 2 000 customers. The customers are Finland's largest wholesalers, retail outlets and catering kitchens in the whole country.

Almost every forklift has a mobile PC equipped with a barcode scanner, with the help of these shelving and picking functions are carried out quickly and efficiently and inventory data remains accurate.

Welcome to take advantage of the most extensive distribution network in frozen goods as our customer!

Pakastamo Oy Tuusula:

- Facility ID: FI S858101 EY - Building area: 11 350 m2
- Frozen warehouse area: 9300 m2
- Loading platforms: 10
- Personnel: 30-60 (season)
- Forklifts & trucks: 27


Warehouse Manager

Name: Jon Liljeström
Phone: 050 384 2751
e-mail: jon.liljestrom (at)
Reachable: 08-16


Name: Foremen (collective number)
Daily operations
Phone: 050 384 2920
e-mail: jussla.lahettamo (at)
Reachable: 07-23

Name: Kimmo Panuma
Phone: 050 384 0604
e-mail: kimmo.panuma (at)
Reachable: Shiftwork

Name: Sakari Kuronen
Phone: 050 384 2919
e-mail: sakari.kuronen (at)
Reachable: Shiftwork

Name: Kari Andersson
Phone: 050 384 2923
e-mail: kari.andersson (at)
Reachable: Shiftwork

Name: Kari Rapatti
Phone: 050 384 1456
e-mail: kari.rapatti (at)
Reachable: Shiftwork


Name: Reception (collective number)
Phone: 050 384 0409
e-mail: jussla.vastaanotto (at)
Reachable: 07-23


Name: Heikki Mäenpää
Product management & Billing
Phone: 050 384 0416
e-mail: heikki.maenpaa (at)
Reachable: 07-15


Name: Jani Nikkinen
Returning material
Phone: -
e-mail: jusslap (at)
Reachable: 07-15

System Specialist

Name: Tero Örn
Phone: 050 384 0885
e-mail: tero.orn (at)
Reachable: 08-16

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