Pakastamo Vantaa

Itäinen Valkoisenlähteentie 21
01260 Vantaa

Briefly about the facility

Pakastamo Oy Vantaa facility is located beside the Lahti motorway in Vantaa Kolohonka.Therefore called Pakastamo Kolohonka. Vuosaari harbor is only a few minutes away as well as the Kehä I and Kehä III roads.

Kolohonka warehouse was established at the turn of 1970-1980. In Kolohonka we receive, freeze, store, collect and send customer-owned products, as well as the food industry raw materials. Over the years, a number of major improvements are made to the building and equipment that makes us a competitive and modern facility.

The customer base consists of various food industry companies. We deal with all kinds of packaged foods such as meat, fish, butter, and cheese, as well as vegetables, berries, bakery, and combination food products. We are also approved for exporting milk products to Russia.

In Kolohonka we have also freezing tunnels, where necessary fresh products can be frozen. In these tunnels a temperature less than -30 ° C can be achieved, which in combination with powerful fans enables fast and efficient freezing process. Our storage services are also a part of the domestic and national frozen food logistics.

Pakastamo Oy Vantaa:

- Facility ID: FI 6475 EY
- Building area: 12100 m2
- Frozen warehouse area: 6000 m2
- Freezing capacity: 400 pallets / daily
- Loading platforms: 7
- Personnel: 8-14 (season)
- Forklifts&trucks: 13


Warehouse Manager

Name: Jesse Lehtinen
Phone: 050 384 2925
e-mail: jesse.lehtinen (at)
Reachable: 07-15


Name: Lars Alroth
Phone: 050 384 2913
e-mail: lars.ahlroth (at)
Reachable: 07-15

Reception HKScan

Name: Kimmo Päivinen
Daily operations
Phone: 050 384 2927
e-mail: kimmo.paivinen (at)
Reachable: 07-15

Name: Juha Laaksonen
Phone: 050 384 0659
e-mail: pakastamo.kolohonka (at)
Reachable: 07-15


Name: Pekka Tuominen
Phone: 050 384 0453
e-mail: -
Reachable: 07-15

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